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If you live in the area this is the place you want to train. Professor Sean Spangler is an amazing instructor who thrives on teaching martial arts in a way that everyone will learn and grow in this art and achieve their goals. Having been in martial arts for many years when my family and I were moving from New York to North Carolina I reached out to many different people and asked when we got here where is the best place to train? Without hesitation I was told to go to Professor Spangler. When we arrived here I found out that the academy would be around a 45 minute drive from Clayton. We went to many local academies in my area but none of them lived up to the training or atmosphere that we had come to expect until we went to Spangler Martial Arts. After my son's first training session we knew we had found our new home for Jiu Jitsu and could not imagine training anywhere else.

Greg Toback

Sean Spangler's style of instruction is clear and concise, and he has a talent for finding just the right tweek you need to make his techniques work for you. The material presented is powerful, and more importantly it really flows together well. Sean has an amazing ability to present in such a way that helps you see the "bigger picture." The teaching methods are also innovative. A strong emphasis is placed on drilling, to build body memory, and continuity, so you can actually make what you learn work on the mat when you go live. The facility is more than adequate, with plenty of matspace to roll. Schedule wise, absolutely the best value in the Triangle, with multiple classes most days(so even if you're busy with work and family, you've got no excuses not to train;)). And perhaps most importantly, the community being built around this school is filled with fantastic, supportive and friendly individuals, all working to be their personal best while building each other up in the process. Very family friendly as well, with kids classes several times a week. All and all, a huge boon to the community.

Ross Duncan

My son has been coming here now for over a year. Sean has such great patience and coaching techniques, I am so impressed in my sons progress. You can tell Sean has a passion for what he does, and I would highly recommend this academy to anyone.

Maenette C Wahrenburg

Sean is an excellent instructor who treats anyone who walks through the doors like family! A very nice and clean academy with a great friendly atmosphere. Anyone wanting to train in the Apex-Cary area this is THE place to train!!!!

Scotty Dennis

Coach Sean know his stuff, best place in all of NC to train bjj. History, technique, and practical tools all in one package. No other place stands up to this.

Joseph Ruiz

Sean Spangler is an amazing individual. I have had the pleasure to train with him, learn from him, and compete along side him for a few years in Las Vegas. Knowing how passionate Sean is, I know this academy is a great place to train. If anyone is ever in the area, his academy is the place to be.

Kristian Woodmansee

Zenith, noun, the highest point; peak. This is the perfect name for this academy. If you want to reach your peak in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sean Spangler will get you there. He emphasizes the importance of drilling and I am a strong believer in drilling. His classes are structured extremely well and the price is the lowest in the area. The camaraderie at the gym is great and everyone is very respectful. I highly recommend Zenith BJJ!

Adam Lamp

Went to open mat and we drilled and rolled. The whole team was open and chill but was serious when it was time to work

Harold Hubbard

Fantastic instruction and the nicest group of people you will ever meet. Mr. Spangler not only teaches you a multitude of techniques but ways to make those techniques work around your injuries or limitations. You will never regret giving Spangler BJJ a chance.

Robert Roper

Sean is a great coach and truly good friend for the kids. He is always devoted in all he does that really inspire the kids and make them to be interested in Jiu Jitsu. I high recommend his academy to anyone.

Vadim Saitov

Awesome Brazilian jiu jitsu instruction. Great people who are looking to learn and care about their fellow practitioners. The kids program is a great combination of technical skills and bjj "play" activities that allow the kids to always be learning while having fun.

David Wolf

Zenith Jiu Jitsu Academy has quickly become my home away from home. Great instruction (Sean Spangler), great students (a wide variety of ages, sizes, etc) and great facility (clean mats, bathrooms, etc). Instructor Sean Spangler commits himself to helping each student grow and excel at each individual's level and speed. Sean just brought in Jeff Glover for a two day seminar. It was unbelievable and will change my Jiu Jitsu game forever. Thank you Zenith and Thank you Sean.

Kevin Blackburn

I've had the pleasure to train next to and with Sean Spangler and whenever I'm in NC there's no other place is go but to him to get the best top level training!!! World class on and off the mats!!

Moises Antonio Lopez

Spangler is one of the best guys out there technically and personally. Try a class and learn from talented, professional, and passionate people who really know their stuff.

Mike Murrell

I've had the pleasure of training with Sean Spangler while in Las Vegas at Drysdale's on a few occasions. His knowledge on the mat is matched by the amount of talent he has spent time with on the mats. Which is endless. Sean was choking people out on you tube before computer screens were even flat. He recently stopped by my facility in Oklahoma to train for a few hours while driving nonstop to NC from Vegas to open his new gym. That's passion and commitment to the sport. If you are looking for jiu-jitsu Sean Spangler is an instructor of the highest caliber. He will not only teach you, he will show you how it's done.

Seth Norman

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